Danny Deisinger

I grew up in Minnesota with an older sister and two younger brothers, homeschooled until high school, at which point I attended Irondale High School. While there, I found a great appreciation for reading and writing, and I went to Bethel University for an English Literature and Writing degree. At the same time, I met incredible Christian men and women who still bless my life. My parents met this community 2008, bringing me along when they could, and by the time I had graduated college I knew I had found my church home. I currently work as a freelance writer for online websites.

I spend much of my free time writing and editing my own fiction -- I've published several short stories and am working on multiple book-length projects. My dream is to be a full-time author, and as I have grown as a Christian and a writer, my faith has come to inhabit my writing in greater strength and clarity.

I know I must trust God with a life I could not live on my own, and Hope Grove became a place to help me realize how unwavering He is against my fears and follies. I am thrilled to help this church grow, and to help the people who inhabit it.

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